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V’s Star-Studded Circle of Friends

BTS V’s Friends

BTS’ V has a wide circle of friends in the entertainment industry. He met most of them while filming Hwarang and they became best friends ever since then. The members of his Wooga squad include Parasite actor Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, and South Korean rapper Peakboy.

V, whose deep voice is a key component of the band’s sound, has a passion for classic jazz music. He credits the genre for his melodic and harmonic vocals.

Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum is an actor that is popular both inside and outside Korea. He recently left Blossom Entertainment and has been contacted by several drama and film production companies. He is known to prefer historical dramas.

He made his debut in a thriller movie and then starred in several small-screen dramas. His chemistry with co-stars in sageuks such as Reply 1988 and Love in the Moonlight has sent many fans into a frenzy.

He also has experience working as a host for KBS’ music show, Music Bank. He also participated in the MBC variety shows, Youth Over Flowers: Africa and 2 Days 1 Night.

Yook Sungjae

Yook Sungjae is a tall, good-looking man with an attractive face. He has the ability to turn anything he does into a hit. He has starred in many dramas and movies, and has participated in various reality-variety shows as well.

In 2015, he starred in the teen drama Who Are You: School 2015 and The Village: Achiara’s Secret, which gave him an opportunity to rise into fame.

He is also a member of the boy band BtoB. He is known for his acrobatic dancing and his powerful vocals. He is a real tsundere and can get really emotional during concerts.

Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon has a swoon-worthy face and a well-toned body to match. He’s a natural in front of the camera and has proven it with his long list of films and dramas under his belt.

He played an ex-convict in the 2020 webtoon-turned-drama Itaewon Class and managed to melt hearts with his sassy character. He also starred in the romantic comedy Fight for My Way and slayed as a narcissistic vice-chairman in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.

Fans love him for his acting, but he’s just as talented behind the scenes. He can speak some Spanish and participated in the reality show Youn’s Kitchen, where he learned how to run a restaurant. He’s a fur dad to his dog Simba and loves his family.

Choi Woo Shik

Choi Woo Shik is one of the most talented actors in South Korea. He is known for his dynamic performances in films and dramas. He recently bid farewell to Management SOOP and has moved to a new talent agency.

He earned international recognition for his role in Bong Joon-Ho’s Palme d’Or winning film Parasite. He has since starred in a number of popular Korean movies and TV series including Rooftop Prince and Our Beloved Summer.

He has a baby face with full lips and big eyes, giving him boyish charms. He also has a keen sense of humor and is active on social media.


The Minho region of Portugal offers a wide variety of landscapes including craggy upland moors, rolling hills, lush forests and picturesque rivers. It is also famous for its wine production.

BTS member V, real name Kim Taehyung, is best friends with a number of popular stars from the Korean entertainment industry. Recently, he was spotted with actors Lee Min Ho (Slow Dancing, Pachinko) and Lee Jung Jae (Squid Game), who are mutual friends.

V posed with the pair in Riccardo Tisci’s Instagram pictures and fans couldn’t stop gushing about their cuteness. The photos instantly went viral on social media.

Kim Joon Ho

Kim Joon Ho is a comedian, actor and TV host who was born on the 25th of December 1975 in Korea. His features include an extraverted, people-centric personality and a creative imagination that often leads to the development of new ideas.

He has been a cast member of KBS’s Gag Concert since 1999 and the variety show 2 Days & 1 Night from 2013 to 2019. In addition, he is also the chairman of the Busan International Comedy Festival. He is known for his slapstick and improvisational comedy style, which earned him the nickname “Mr. Devious”.

Park Jihoon

Jihoon made his debut as a singer and actor after participating in the idol project show Produce 101 Season 2. He ranked second overall and debuted with the group WANNA ONE.

Jihon’s most recognizable features are his voice and dance. He has a heavenly-sounding voice that is sultry and sweet at the same time. He also has a powerful, assertive dance style that is detail-oriented and breathtaking.

Jihoon is also known for his aegyo and facial expressions, especially the seductive wink that earned him the nickname Wink Oppa. He is also a talented actor who has appeared in dramas like Jumong, The King and I, and Iljimae.

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